How to Constantly Be Receiving from Beingness What You Choose

Written by Stephen Seretan on .

Kabbalah is a teaching that can be traced back to Abraham and to Moses after the Exodus from Egypt. I wanted to see if it aligned with KISS Releasing, our approach to the Lester's original Sedona Method. Lester said that Truth never changes, and never WILL change a million years from now. I witnessed many agreements and similarities, just that the approach and names are different.
The word "Kabbalah" actually means "receiving, reception". Thus, the study of Kabbalah is really the study of how we can open ourselves to the Beingness' giving to us. Notice I did not say, how to "get the Beingness to give to us." Lester told me that it is trying to create our goals every moment, but WE slow it down with our master programs of WA, WC, and WS. Also, our beliefs, feelings and thoughts get in the way. This, in effect, is our closing down of the receiving apparatus that Kabbalah speaks of. We have no need for programming success, hypnotic money sessions, or anything else like that. We just need to OPEN our consciousness of receiving in order to have. Simple? Yes. Easy? Not always.

Our desires begin in our causal bodies, or "idea" bodies. This is an extremely fine part of us that exists only as our ideas. It then takes form in the next denser body, the astral (dream) body, and then finally appears in the physical as a form we see, touch, and experience in pleasure or pain. When we dream, and see our loved ones and friends who have passed, we are living in our astral vehicles during sleep. It seems very "real", because, as Lester told me, it is as real as this world is. Right after my own mother passed in 1997, I had a very vivid dream of her mental suffering in the astral realm. She had Alzheimer's. I helped her move up from there, and I never dreamed of her again. The same process is how we incarnate into the physical world. Without desire, we would not be here or on any other planes. A Master is in that state of no desires, and thus has no need to incarnate, except, by choice, to help lead people to freedom.

Our work then needs to be focused on opening our consciousness to receive the abundance of Beingness. How do we do that? By eliminating the blocks to that openness, i.e., beliefs and programs. Lester told me to do just that: "Open your consciousness, and you can make a lot of money in your music career." He did not say I needed to take any other actions.