KISS Releasing Used with Bi Polar Disorder and Depression: A Successful Outcome

Written by Stephen Seretan on .


For the past few years, I have been living in the same residence with a former boxing world champion who had the professional diagnosis of Bi Polar Disorder, or BPD. Psychologists used to refer to this as "Manic Depressive Syndrome." The behavior exhibited is one of wide mood swings, hours or days of mania, usually followed by the polar opposite of severe bouts of depression, with accompanying violence at times. The latest statistics say that 1 in 45Americans have this problem. There is no available cure for it. It is treated with medications and therapy.

I am a teacher of The KISS Releasing approach to The Sedona Method, a brand I created to return to the simple, basic feeling releasing course originated by physicist, Lester Levenson in 1974. After being sent home from the hospital with a dire prognosis in 1952, Lester began letting go of all the self distructive, negative feelings from his life that he knew contributed to his condition. In a matter of 3 months, he was totally well, and lived until the age of 85, when he passed away. I was a student and friend of Mr. Levenson from 1983 to 1994, and he asked me and a few others to continue with his work called, The Sedona Method. He wanted others to benefit from his revolutionary discovery that feelings and health are interconnected, and that they also block one's happiness and success. I am doing that now with teleconference classes, in person trainings, and recorded courses on my site. Lester proved to himself that we are all unlimited in our capacity to be healthy and happy, and that we alone obstruct that with our self imposed limitations called feelings and programs.

Using the KISS Releasing Sedona Method technique and processes, I was able to bring this man to a reasonably normal and functioning person who is now poised to have several of the films he co-scripted be produced. His depressions are much less now, as are his manic episodes. Violent outbursts have ceased. He feels that his life of inner and outer abuse and misery now has turned around. He gives all the credit to KISS Releasing.

Although there has to be a disclaimer that this technique cannot offer the same results in every case, in this situation, it has proved valuable and successful. It must be said also that in the author's own life, the Sedona Method has proved equally beneficial.

I have also employed KISS Releasing for a person suffering from Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, which many therapists consider releated to BPD. Many times a patient can suffer from both of these at the same time.