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Lester Levenson's ORIGINAL Releasing Method created in 1974.

The KISS Releasing System...The 21st Century Method for Eliminating Thoughts and Feelings to Quiet the Mind. Then Goals and Money Easily Happen, with Little Effort.Let Go of All the Obstacles to Your Goals and HAVE them. Release the Uncorrected Past That is Stopping You with the Most Powerful Tool on the Planet. Created by a Master.

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Lester Levenson and Stephen Seretan

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The book that has been read around the world and started lifting people into the place where success and happiness are, ...AND NOW YOU CAN DO THAT TOO...Is what you're doing now really working?

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I was a student and friend of American Master, Lester Levenson for the 11 years between 1983 and 1994, when he left the world. These are the unforgettable talks we had over that period about many subjects, including, sex, God, food, money, success, failure, vegetarianism, reincarnation, liberation, life on other planets and UFO's, spirituality, masters, love, and the Real Secret to the Law of Attraction. One cannot just think about what he/she wants and immediately create it...unless that person is FREE, like a Master. Lester Levenson  did that all the time. All Masters do that. We can too, when we "remove the self imposed limitations". " Hold on to what you want, and that is only what you'll get." What we are manifesting now is our subconscious thoughts. Why is the world going the way it is, and what can we do? What is the solution? What is our purpose for being here?


If you have read The Secret, have you wondered why it hasn't done all you expected? Find out why in my book. Hundreds of people have read and been lifted by this book. Why not join them?

Lester found the REAL secret in 1952. It saved his life, and made him into a Realized Master. "Everything you're looking for is right where you are. Right in your very own Beingness."


“You know, our Beingness is always trying to create our goals, and we get in the way with wanting love, to control things, and insecurity." Lester Levenson told me this when I was having a particularly difficult time creating a goal with the Sedona Method. I will explain these wants a little later in the book. He said, “We are creating all the time. It is just that our subconscious is getting produced out there and we don’t like it. The more powerful you get with the Method, the more you can hold things away and stop the good from coming into your life from some stupid *program running.” “What program would that be”, I queried. “We can’t stand prosperity” Lester joked. “How could someone NOT want prosperity”, I pondered. I never met a person who does not think more money would make them better off, and in most cases I would tend to agree with them."...

-Stephen Seretan


All behavior, every act of this world, is based on the desire for love. This desire causes us to seek for approval, acceptance, attention, power, fame, and fortune. Unfortunately, however, love cannot be gotten this way, and we become frustrated and unhappy. Only by loving can we find love and be happy."

Your being is whole and perfect, here and now. There is only letting go of the concepts of limitation.  The belief that you have limitations-- that you have troubles -- is in your mind and only in your mind. That is the only place where trouble is, because you cannot conceive of anything anywhere else but in your mind.  Whatever you look at, whatever you hear, whatever you sense, is in and through your mind. That is where everything is.  Therefore, if you change your thinkingness, you change your world. Do this, and you will have the proof!"

So, the way to freedom -- the path -- is simple, but the method of undoing the limitations is not easy because of habit. We need a very strong desire to begin to let go of these habits. Without that strong desire, there is no growth. This desire must be stronger than the desire for the world -- to control the external world or to have its approval."

"We discover that everything happening to us is caused by our thinking. Everything that happens to us is created in our thought. It's a stepping stone toward realizing and recognizing that we are the creators. First you discover that you created your trouble, then you discover that you can create anything you desire. After you discover that there is nothing that you cannot create, you're still unhappy. The reason is that you haveseparated yourself from the Infinity. Only on recognizing your Infinity are you perfectly satisfied."

From, "Keys to the Ultimate Freedom". On Sale in the Online Store.

How The KISS Release Technique (tm) Can Make The Secret's Law of Attraction REALLY Work in Your Life

"The only reason the world doesn't serve us with affluence and an abundance of everything, is that we are holding on to thoughts to the contrary. We must make the subconscious, conscious. and let go of these non-winning feelings and programs...

Lester Levenson